20 Questions


Each card lists twenty hints, clues or bits of information as well as the answer; this can be a person, a location, a year or an item. The guesser names a number. The reader reads him the corresponding clue and marks the question number on the board. Now the guesser has one try to guess the term correctly. If he does, the reader scores 1 point for each clue given, the guesser scores 1 point for clues not needed, and both move their pieces accordingly. Cards can also feature assignments for the player, which mostly relate to piece movement. If you are first at the finish, you win. New edition of Querdenker with 300 revised cards.


Guessing game for 2-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Piatnik

Designer: Robert A. Moog, Scott Medrick

Art: not named

Web: www.piatnik.com

Stock Nr. 661396


Users: For families

Age: 8


Version: de * Rules: de en nl + many more * In-game text: yes