Port Royal Big Box


Cards show ships, persons, etc., and also swords and influence points. Cards are also used for money. You turn up cards one by one and decide to stop or to continue. Expeditions are set aside separately. If you stop, you, and then all others, can take one of the revealed cards, if any are left. Ships bring money; for persons - they give advantages - you must pay. If you continue and an identical ship appears that you cannot fend off with swords on your cards on display, your turn ends. When you can discard the cards necessary for an expedition, you take it. Whoever has 10 influence points on cards and at least one expedition, wins.

The Big Box features the base game, the fast version “Port Royal unterwegs” and the two expansions, „Das Abenteuer beginnt“ und “Ein Auftrag geht noch“;

Port Royal Das Abenteuer beginnt is played in episodes as a campaign; each game represents one episode.

Port Royal Ein Auftrag geht noch adds orders to the game that must be filled, and there are also new ships and new characters.


Collection of Port Royal games for 2-5 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Pegasus Spiele 2023

Designer: Alexander Pfister

Art: Klemens Franz, Fantasmagoria Creative, Jens Wiese

Editing: Klaus Ottmaier, Irina Siefert

Web: www.pegasus.de

Stock #: 18148G


Users: For families


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