Ghost Adventure


The little ghost mouse with her magic spinner top can save the forest creatures. Players cooperate to complete missions in the versions adventure or quest and in various levels of difficulty; you move the top to complete paths over several boards featuring different worlds and targets. Boards for a mission are distributed among players; you move the top by tilting and moving a board, first to the target and then to the exit; action cases help to complete missions the top can jump to a higher level, teleport to another world or refill the refreshments; those start the top anew in case of a mistake. Includes solo version.


Cooperative dexterity game for 1-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Pegasus Spiele 2020

License: Blackrock Games, (c) 2020 Buzzy Games

Designer: Wlad Watine

Realisation: Stefan Stadler, Klaus Ottmaier

Art: Dubost Jules, Yann Valeani, Jens Wiese

Comics: Germain Winzenschtark, Igor Polouchine


Stock #: 57160G


Users: For families

Special: 1 player


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