Die Zwerge Das Duell


Based on the novels by Markus Heitz you are either a Dwarf defending „das Geborgene Land“ or an enemy. Each side has its own deck with allies, victory points, support, event and turn-of-events. You draw four cards from the stack and alternate as active player, executing the phases supply, dice and cards. For supply you draw cards, then you roll dice and use the result to play cards or to use card effects. If someone draws the last card from the draw pile, the game ends and you win with most victory points. Includes an adventure scenario for the board game based on the novel „Der Triumph der Zwerge“.


Card game based on the novel „Der Triumph der Zwerge“ von Markus Heitz for 2 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Pegasus Spiele 2015

Designer: Michael Palm, Lukas Zach

Artist: Jarek Nocoń

Web: www.pegasus.de

Stock#: 18140G


Users: With friends


Special: 2 players


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: yes