Alien Artifacts Durchbruch


The expansion introduces 15 technology cards, 10 ship cards, 10 planet cards and 15 Breakthrough resources cards. Those resources come into play via Inventium planets and are used like normal resoruces. New ships are Inventium ships with consequences for Join Fleet, Go on Mission and Start Offensive. Planets of the expansion or Inventium planets with consequences for settling, exploiting and producing.


2. expansion for Alien Artifacts for 2-5 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Portal Games / Pegasus Spiele 2019

Designer: Ignacy Trzewiczek, Joanna Kijanka

Art: Igor Puskaric, Aleksandar Mihajlovic, Pablo Fernandes, Tufecciu Bogdan, Rafal Szyma


Stock #: 57509G


Users: For experts


Version: de * Rules: de en pl * In-game text: yes