Big Shot


Building is booming in a town in last century’s 20ies, everybody is competing for the most lucrative quarters of town. The players try to lay their hands onto the most lucrative boroughs by winning the bids and distributing the coloured markers. At the beginning of play there are four markers of at least two different colours in each of the auction spots. Each round of the game consists of two parts: a) The agent is moved to a auction spot and b) the markers in this spot are auctioned. The winner of the auction distributes the markers onto the different city boroughs. If the 7th marker is put into a borough, the borough goes to the player with the majority of markers in it and is marked “sold” accordingly. After 18 rounds and boroughs not yet sold are allocated according to marker majorities and then the boroughs are scored for each player, parks double neighbouring spaces for the same owners. The total value minus any credits taken out by a player is the player’s fortune, the player with the biggest fortune and owning a minimum of two boroughs wins the game.

First edition Ravensburger 27 209 9, 2001


Position- and auction game for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Open ‚N Play 2018

Designer: Alex Randolph

Art: Dahee Lee


Stock #: 0818


Users: With friends


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