You create kingdoms featuring various landscapes, creatures, and tribes, and collect harmony points by playing kingdom card and meeting legend card requirements. Your own starting display features 2x2 open kingdom cards in the middle, surrounded by twelve face-down kingdom cards, called wilderness cards. Eight legend cards form a separate display. In your turn, you eighter draw a card from the open discard pile, put it into your kingdom and discard one of the 16 cards openly. Or you draw a face-down card, place it the same way or discard it instantly and also discard a wilderness card from your display. Tribal cards next to their favorite landscape and tamed dragons next to two identical tribe cards give harmony points; portals connect the four adjacent kingdom cards. Fulfilled conditions in the kingdom give legend cards for additional harmony points.

Variants provided are Characters and Items, Solo mode and cooperative play; separate rules are available for Invasion mode and Confrontation mode.


Card placement with pattern formation for 1-4 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Nostromo Éditions 2022 / Vertrieb Hutter Trade

Designer: Francois Bachelart

Art: Emma Rakotomalala, Lucie Mercier


Stock #: 308 003


Users: For families

Special: 1 player


Version: de * Rules: de fr * In-game text: no