Das Geister-Spiel

Schleichen-huschen-nur nicht kuschen


Players start at the castle door and try to reach the tower, they have to pass 29 spaces and overcome ghosts. Good dice rolls and clever use of the results will help a player to be there first and win. In his turn a player rolls all 3 dice: To enter a spot a dice in the roll must show the number of the space or it must be possible to form the number from the numbers rolled. When the dice have fallen accordingly, one can enter several spots in sequence. If helmet and armour are rolled at the same time, one can move to the next armour chip. All players not in first place may re-roll one die per turn.


Dice and movement game * Series: Kind+Familie * 2-4 player from age 6 * Designer: Peter Neugebauer * Illustration, Graphics: Michael and Heidemarie Rüttinger * ca. 15 minutes * 601 3652, Noris, Germany, 2006 *** noris Spiele * www.noris-spiele.de