Captain Jack’s Gold


Privateers, pirates and gold coins – if you have kept a rest of romance in your heart, you want to sail the seas and loot rich treasures. The rich merchant ships are the goal for the pirates. Using simple basic rules you can enhance your treasures by diligent captures, boarding of ships, exchanges and sales. You use rudder, sail and loaded cannons and are rewarded with metal coins that enhance the haptic value of the game. If you have the biggest treasure at the end of the game you are rewarded with the treasure map of the legendary Captain Jack.


Pirate game * 2-4 players, ages 8 and up * Designers: Christian Fiore, Knut Happel * Art: Christian Fiore, Das Format * 60 610 5621, Noris, Germany, 2010 *** noris SPIELE * Georg Reulein GmbH & Co KG *