Am Korallenriff

Fisch – Koralle – Wo sind sie nur alle


On the board in four parts schools of fish and corals can be found in varying numbers and colours. Colour die, dot die und symbol die together result in a combination of three characteristics which players should find on the board. The board is variable and thus always new situations form. A player discovering the combination wanted shows it and marks it with a chip. If a combination has already been covered, the chip goes to the treasure chest. If an octopus is rolled, all chips from the board are put on the chest. If the chest is rolled the chips from the chest are distributed among the other players. The player placing his last chip wins the game.


Search game * Series: Kind + Familie * 2-6 player from age 6 * Designer: Peter Neugebauer * Graphics/Illustration: Michael Rüttinger, Heidemarie Rüttinger * 601 3655, Noris, Germany, 2006 *** noris Spiele *