Mars needs Mechanics


As Aether Mechanic in a Steam Punkt setting you apply for the position of Royal Astronautical Engineer in a Mars mission crew. You start with Scrap Metal and 30 units of money, "cogs". für eine Marsexpedition. In your turn you must do a Primary Action - Purchase a component or Pass - and can then do an Optional Action - build an available mechanism or break down a mechanism previously built. To build a mechanism you discard the necessary components, it is now built, is working and is marked. IF you break down a mechanism you get back the components. When all component cards of a round are sold or when all have passed the round ends - component values are adjusted and you can sell components for cogs. When there are no components left or none were bought for two rounds you win with most cogs.


Publisher: Nevermore Games 2013

Designer: Ben Rosset

Art: Bryan Fisher


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