Böse Kuh


Who provides most penalty points to other players, using 60 cow cards 1-10 in six colors and 6 order cards carrying point tokens. The active player adds one or more valid cow cards next to an order and refills their hand to five cards. If you add the last cow card to an order, you take the point token, green for points, red for penalty points; red tokens are given to another player of your choice. Cards next to the order are set aside, the order is turned over and replenished with a point token. If there are no point tokens left to place on an order, you sum your point tokens and win with most points.


Kartenlegespiel für 2-6 Spieler ab 10 Jahren


Verlag: moses. Verlag 2020

Autor: Marco Teubner

Gestaltung: Monika Suska, Kreativbunker, Volker Maas

Web: www.moses-verlag.de

Art. Nr. 090368


Zielgruppe: Für Familien


Version: de * Regeln: de en * Text im Spiel: ja