Hildes Wilde Wäschespinne


Hilde is holding on to the washing line. The active player rolls the die – for the sun, you put one of your pieces of washing onto the line; for the white cloud you hand on the die; for the rain cloud, you take back one piece of your fashing from the line; for the tornado, you switch on the line rack – if Hilde turns slowly, you may afterwards put up a piece of washing. But if Hilde is lifted off, pieces of washing and even Hilde’s dress may fall off; in that case, if you triggered the tornado, you dress Hilde again and take back your pieces of washing that fell off; other players may put fallen washing of their color back on line. If you are first to have four pieces of washing on the line rack, you win.


Dice and action game for 2-4 players, ages 4+


Publisher: Megableu / Hutter Trade 2022

Licensed from: John Adams Leisure Ltd. 2021

Web: www.hutter-trade.com

Stock #: 678 494


Users: For children


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