Catan Dice Game


To settle Catan one needs roads, settlements and cities, which are built by rolling dice. Each player has a sheet with the island, the raw materials are rolled. One may roll up to three times, dice can be laid aside and rerolled later. Units built are marked on the sheet and the score is noted. If a player cannot build anything, he scores -2 for this round. Settlements and cities can only be built next to roads already built and in sequence of their value, a knight is a joker for one raw material. With 2 gold one can replace a raw material. After 15 rounds the player with the highest score wins.


Dice game * 1-4 players, ages 7+ * Designer: Klaus Teuber * Art: Tanja Donner, Harald Lieske, Volkan Baga *3108, Mayfair 2011 ***  Mayfair Games *