Asgard‘s Chosen

Appease gods with sacrifices


As a tribe leader at the end of the Bronze Age you use favors of the gods for your tribe and need to appease them with sacrifices. After copious preparations for plan, personal decks, display and draw pile for the display you play rounds of five phases each. In Phases I to IV you play individual moves for all players in turn; Phase V is played simultaneously by all players. In Phase I you play God from your hand, for his favor or to appease him; you cannot use a god's favor and appease him at the same time. Gods that were appeased no longer in play. In Phase II you play a charm. In Phase III you move both your heroes individually and resolve attacks resulting from those moments. Those confrontations are an essential part of the game, as they decide controlled terrain and thus cards that are available. In Phase IV you expand your deck by buying cards; the display, "Tisch" is always refilled and events that turn up during refilling are implemented. In Phase V you hand on the starting player marker, you draw cards and discard cards and revive heroes. Gods can be appeased in Phases I to III. If you appease a given number of gods, you win.

Asgard's Chosen offers an unusual and surprising mix of deck building and territorial conquest mechanisms; you can only buy cards if you control the respective territories, and you can only use cards left over from conflicts to buy new cards. This results in some given or obvious decisions for buying cards, as there might not be much available for you, but, on the other hand, provides great synergy effect. All in all a deck this is a building game that you should not miss!


Players: 1-4

Age: 14+

Time: 120+

Designer: Morgan Dontanville

Artist: David Cochard and Team

Price: ca. 50 Euro

Publisher: Mayfair Games 2013


Genre: deck building, territory control

Users: For experts

Special: 1 player

Special: 2 players

Version: en

Rules: en

In-game text: yes



With solo variant and a cooperative variant for 2 players

Fantastic synergy of mechanisms

Decision taking sometimes rather predetermined


Compares to:

A Few Acres of Snow for combination of deck building and territorial conquest


Other editions:

Currently none


Chance (pink): 1

Tactic (turquoise): 3

Strategy (blue): 1

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 2

Dexterity (green): 0

Action (dark green): 0