A House Divided

War between the States 1861-65


The game covers the period from the first battle at Bull Run to Leeís surrender at Appomattox or alternately Grantís surrender at Harrisburg.

One player represents the North, the original United States, the Union; the other player represents the South, the Confederacy. Military unit are entered into the boxes and transported along the transport lines. Rounds represent one or two months of real time; after 40 turns the winning condition is checked: Control of certain towns for the union or the conquest of Washington, size of troops and prevention of the Union victory for the confederates. Each turn of a player comprises the phases movement, battle, promotion and recruiting, which are implemented in order and completely. Battles are decided by dice rolls.

4th Edition, first 1981


Conflict simulation for 2 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Mayfair Games 2012

Designer: Frank Chadwick

Art: Don Troiani

Web: www.mayfairgames.com

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Users: For experts

Special: 2 players


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