Ascension Unsterbliche Helden


Samael, the Fallen God, returns from the Void with a monster army; players must defend Vigil. To achieve this they conjure up constructs and heroes to become the God Slayer in their fight against the Fallen. You play hand cards to acquire runes, power and other effects. Runes are used to buy new cards for your deck; with Power you defeat monsters for fame and rewards. In this expansion heroes discover the source for the Storm of Souls. New elements of the expansion are Soul Gems with powers and characteristics of heroes from other sets as well as Permanent trophies from defeated monsters. Can be played stand-alone with one and two players.


Expansion for the deck building game for 1-2/4/6 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Marabunta / Asmodee

Designer: Justin Gary

Art: Eric Sabee


Stock.Nr. ASC04DE


Users: With experts


Version: de * Rules: de en it jp * In-game text: yes