Strike Dice


The game features 8 different triangular tiles, called Tricards, and you win with most of them. To win a Tricard you must have a majority of dice on the board after a triangulation = one phase of the game. Tricards are stacked in the middle of the board; each player has 8 dice of a color. The first player rolls and places his Pawndie on any red Tribase, in case of a 4 you must roll again. Then in your turn you roll and place two Pawndice; when opponents’ dice face each other in opposing Tribases Tribases they are compared and the one of lower value is removed. In each Tribase only one Pawndie per color is allowed, dice in the same Tribase do not influence each other; if you cannot place a Pawndie it is out of play for this triangulation. Tricards you won you can use once per triangulation as soon as you have a Pawndie in the corresponding Tribase.


Dice game for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Mage Company 2011

Designer: Michael Andresakis, Alexander Argyropoulos

Art: Michael Andresakis, Alexander Argyropoulos, Jose Manuel Quintela Matus


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Users: With friends


Special: 2 players


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