Part II in the series Legends of Luma. The explorers from Oh Captain, traveling with nomads, were confused and must now write down fragments of stories as legends. The active player selects: 1. Move and listen to stories, you distribute a stack including your own disc - one disc per case. Then all take the top tile of a stack next to a disc stack with their disc on top and keep a story or a joker, a moon is placed on a moon case. 2. Write down song or legend by discarding story tiles that you collected. Four moon parts on moon cases trigger a scoring - values of songs and legends minus unused story or joker tiles.


Placement and collecting game for 2-5 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Ludonaute / Asmodee 2017

Designer: Gary Kim

Artist: Ian Parovel, Radja Sauperamaniane, Clément Masson, Andrei Tatarchenko, Swann Tolazzi, Patrick Biesse, Cédric Lefebvre


Stock#: LUNO01EN


Users: For families


Version: en * Rules: de en es fr it * In-game text: no