Tybor der Baumeister Wertungsblock


Building in Longsdale and the history behind „Oh my Goods! Longsdale in Aufruhr“. The chosen scenario has four rounds: 1. Deal person cards and display buildings. 2. Select a card from hand secretly, reveal it and place it into your display, either as Citizen for building advantages or victory points at the end or as a Worker for his strength, or discard it as a Builder and take a building, paid for by discarding workers from your display. Remaining cards in hand are handed to your neighbor and the round is scored. At the end, you win with points from buildings, card symbols, scenario and chapter goals as well as your secret objective.


Supplement for Tybor der Baumeister for 2-4 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Lookout Spiele 2018

Designer: Dennis Rappel

Art: Klemens Franz, atelier198

Web: www.lookout-spiele.de

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Users: With friends


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: nein