Caverna Die Höhlenbauern Fiese Feinde


Dwarves dig for ore and rubies and furnish living and working space in caves. Ore is used for weapons on outings searching for rewards, provisions come from grubbing woods, agriculture and husbandry; rubies are bartered for goods and landscapes. 12 rounds comprise revealing of action area, fill aggregation areas, work time with one action for each dwarf, returning home and harvest with feeding your family and animal propagation. At the end you score gold for animals, grain, vegetables, rubies, dwarves owned, cave furnishings, pastures, mines, parlors, stores and chambers. Missing animals and beggar markers cost you gold.

In FIESE FEINDE orcs are threatening the farmers who defend themselves by sending out armed dwarves or bribing orcs. An overview card for Expedition Loot names three new options for looting – fight an orc, set a trap or upgrade mines. Four out of eight harvest markers on the board are Orc Events; in each event, orcs move and bring desaster; remaining evil orcs are activated in alphabetical order.

Comes with a solo campaign; Fiese Feinde is not compatible with Expansion I Forgotten Folk


Second expansion for Caverna for 1-7 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Lookout Spiele 2022

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg, Karl-Heinz Kettl & Jürgen Mayrhofer = Koal & Morphy

Art: Javier González Cava, atelier198


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Users: For experts


Special: 1 player

Special: Many players


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