Agricola Mehr Ställe für das liebe Vieh


You breed sheep, pigs, cows and horses and have three assistants helping to accommodate all animals in stables, pastures and farm expansions; you place them to mark your actions that you choose in a round. Barns are expanded into stables and huts to timbered houses to make room for more animals and you can expand the farmyard, too. Game phases are Replenishing of goods, Working Time with one action per assistant - each kind of action is only available once per round - as well as Coming Home phase and Propagation Phase of the animals. After eight rounds you win with most points from animals, farmyard expansions and buildings.


Expansion to the Agricola version for 2 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Lookout Games 2012

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

Artist: Klemens Franz


Stock Nr: 016 977


Users: For families

Age: 10

Special: 2 players


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