1844 / 1854


1844 – Railways in Switzerland. Regional Companies only own H-Engines of restricted range, no long-distance connections; Historical Companies – 10 shares, 1-5 stations, up to four engines, minimum one in case of a useable track. Vor-SBB: 2 stations and 2 engines, mandatory fusion into SBB.

1854 – Railways in Austria. Mountain Rails – Private companies with only one share, no track parts, no engines. Local Companies – owned by one player, run on St. Pölten/Steyr Board, work like AGs in Operation rounds, always 150 operation capital, owning an engine is not mandatory.


18xx version for 3-7 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Lookout Spiele / Mayfair Games / Double-O Games 2016

Designer: Helmut Ohley, Lonny Orgler

Art: Klemens Franz

Web: www.lookout-spiele.de

Stock #: LOG0081 / MFG1844


Users: For experts

Special: Many players


Version: multi * Rules: de en  In-game text: nein