Animals can take on any role or guise and need to be selected to suit the story. Cards of a story are stacked. Each player holds five animal cards, one animal from the stack starts the story. Story cards are read out in order and each player, including the narrator, selects an animal from his hand that he thinks suits the story role best. The cards are shuffled face-down, revealed and placed next to the symbol track. Then all players vote with their markers which animal suits best - you cannot vote for your animal - and score one point for each vote for their animal. The animal with most votes wins the round, if you voted for it, you score an extra point. At the end of the story you win with most points.

Includes a cooperative variant and also branching stories

Spiele Hit für Kinder 2021


Selection and voting game for 2-6 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Lifestyle Boardgames / Asmodee 2021

Designer: Wilfried & Marie Fort

Art: Eugene Smolenceva, Irina Pechenkina

Web: www.lifestyle-boardgames.com, www.asmodee.de

Stock #: LSBD003   


Users: For children


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