The ice pinnacles in Antarctica are no mountain summits but remains of ice temples built by a forgotten civilization. As members of that civilization, we want to build the largest temple ever. In your turn you take a building card from the display and place one of your blocks, card types of Worker and Eldest give additional advantages. Then you score for support blocks of your color under your chosen floor tile, the floor sheet you chose. If your block completes a row, you advance on the builder track. If you formed a 2x2 square, it is scored for majorities. The game ends when the 4th block is placed on the floor tile; you can use Blessing cards and then score the temple top and your collection of building cards.

Special rules for 1 and 2 players.


Placement game with a building topic for 1-4 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Kosmos Verlag 2023

Designer: Kane Klenko

Editing: Carrie Klenko, Wolfgang Lüdtke, Peter Neugebauer, Sebastian Wenzlaff

Art: Kwanchai Moriya, Stephen Kerr, Brigette Indelicato, Kane Klenko, Fiore GmbH


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Users: With friends


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