EXIT - Das Spiel Der einsame Leuchtturm


A new variant of Exit Das Spiel - this time we must again search for clues, solve puzzles, master task, and we must also assemble four jigsaw puzzles in various stages of the game to receive new clues or information. In Der einsame Leuchtturm we are fighting our way through a roaring storm when the light on the lighthouse shuts down. Not only we, but also an approaching ship is in danger. Can we re-light the fire in the tower before the ship founders on the cliffs.

Level Fortgeschrittene / Advanced


Live Escape Game for 1-4 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Kosmos Verlag 2020

Designer: Inka und Markus Brand

Art: Martin Hoffmann, Florian Biege, Michaela Kienle

Concept: Ralph Querfurth, Sandra Dochtermann

Web: www.kosmos.de

Stock #: 698881


Users: With friends

Special: 1 player


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: yes