Escape Tales The Awakening


Escape Room game comprising several rooms and using a website; after a first visit, the site can also be used offline. Players must help Sam to awake his daughter Lizzy from a coma by enacting a ritual. You explore rooms and have actions - explore, desperation, solve puzzles, leave room, meet condition. Paragraphs of the story book and game effects provide exploration cards for puzzles, items, conditions, exiting rooms and maps for rooms. Depending on player decisions, the game can end in one of seven ways, not always positive ones. The game can be interrupted any time and also be played more than once.


Escape Room game for 1-4 players, ages 16+


Publisher: Kosmos 2019

Designer: Jakub Caban, Bartosz Idzikowski, Matt Dembek

Art: Magdalena Klepacz, Niziolek Pawel, Jakub Fatjanowski


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Users: With friends

Special: 1 player


Version: de  * Rules: cz de en es it nl pl pt * In-game text: yes