Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb Zwei


Players try to get one of the green pieces, Schampus Charlie or Brilli Lilli, into their tavern. To achieve that cards are played to move one of the other pieces or to entice a piece towards Blonder Hand or exchanges hand cards. Schampus Charlie only moves toward a tavern when another piece is already there. The game ends when a green piece is at the entrance of a tavern. Otherwise, If the draw pile has been used twice the player who has Brilli Lilli in his half of the board wins.


Position game * Series: Spiele für Zwei * 2 players from age 12 * Designer: Reiner Knizia * Illustration: Mirko Suzuki, Claus Stephan * 690045 Kosmos, Germany, 2006 Kosmos Verlag *** *