A Game of Thrones Catan


Catan becomes Westeros, or, rather the Gift, the land given to the Watch, that supplies provisions for wall and Watch. Resources and landscapes correspond to the original game, the barren ice fields are a new feature; the Robber is called Tormund and the Knight cards turn into Border Patrol cards. The game features the scenario Die Bruderschaft der Nachtwache - Wildlings march at the Wall, can break through and thus block the revenues from landscapes. You either win with 10 victory points, as in a standard Catan, or with most Watch members on the wall, when the wall was breached thrice or when eight or more wildlings are within the Gift.


Themed Catan version for 3-4 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Kosmos 2017

Designer: Klaus Teuber, Benjamin Teuber

Artist: Volkan Baga, Jared Blando, Ron Magin, Michaela Kienle

Web: www.kosmos.de

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Users: With friends


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