Six rows of numbers, in six colors and one die for each color. One player rolls all dice, may reroll all dice once and then all players mark results in corresponding rows, from left to right, gaps are allowed but cannot be filled later. You only may mark in the finish area when there are minimum four numbers marked in the row. It is allowed not to mark at all. If someone marks he second number in a finish area, this color is closed for all, the die goes out of play. The intent to close a color must be announced. If the 3rd tie is taken out of play, or someone has marked all possible numbers in all rows, the sheets are scored; if you have only one mark in a row or column, you score -5 for that row or column.


Roll & Write game for 1-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Kendi Games 2023

Designer: Steffen & Florian Benndorf

Art: Christian Opperer


Stock #: 30150


Users: For families


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