Alle meine Tiere



Each child has ist own picture of a farmyard, the missing animals are only visible in contours. To make it easy to find the missing animals, the conturs are coloured. All 24 animals are put into a bag, and players take turns to pull out an animal from the bag. On each card 6 animals are missing, players must pay close attention which animals are pulled out of the bag, since the animals have different colors on each picture. On one the duck is red, on the next one yellow, and so on. Only animals in the correct color count, who is the first to fill his picture with all the missing animals, wins.


Lotto/Placement game  * 2-4 players from age 4 * ca. 15 min * Series: Elefanten Spiele Club * 3516, Jumbo 1999/2000 *** JUMBO Spiele GmbH * Postfach 10 * D-58845 Herscheid * Fon: +49-2357-601-0 * Fax: +49-2357-601-212