It stinks and it is green? What do we do? Stinky, Reek cards and Underlings are on display. 25 items are handed out to players. The active player names a type of item and a number according to rule parameters, or he tries to wash Stinky. If you name an item, a player holding it puts it on display and uses its effect. If you want to wash stinky, you throw the die at Stinky from a given distance - if he stays as stated in the rules, you washed Stinky, but his underlings come first and are turned over before Stinky. Successful attempts give you Washing pints, after failed attempts you can counter Stinkys tongue with a cover on display and try again.


Dexterity game for 2-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: New Board Game Party / Japon Brand 2019

Designer: Yusuke Sato

Art: Kawataro


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Users: For families


Version: jp * Rules: en jp * In-game text: no