Red versus blue, but each player has five red and five blue pieces. You alternate turns and also alternate red and blue. If you place a pie so that he - together with a second one of the same color already on the board, encloses one or several pieces of the opposite color, you take this or those pieces off the board. Your opponent must then replace it or them with a piece in the color of the enclosing pieces, and then has his own turn. If a row of five pieces of the same color forms, orthogonally or diagonally, the currently active player wins. If a player must replace a piece and cannot do it, he has lost.


Abstract placement game for 2 players, ages 14+


Publisher: kua / Japon Brand 2018

Designer: Hajime Watanabe

Art: Kotaro Kawa

Web: www.japonbrand.com

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Users: With friends

Special: 2 players


Version: jp * Rules: de en jp * In-game text: no