Grifters: Nexus


As a powerful crime boss, you set up your criminal machinations by recruiting henchmen with special abilities, they are either in your hand or in play. You start with six of those specialists and use them to hire more criminals, to complete jobs, to steal from the government or to swindle your opponents. You have all your cards at your disposal; cards in play go through three „nights“, are then shifted to refresh and at the end of your turn you take them back in hand. When there is no money left or no jobs to complete or no specialists for hire anymore, you win with most money.

Grifters Nexus is a stand-alone game and also a supplement for Grifters, featuring 15 new specialist cards, new mechanisms and a new job card system.


Supplement for Grifters for 2-4 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Indie Boards and Cards 2018

Designer: Jake Tlapek, David Fulton

Artist: Jarek Nocón, Stephanie Gustafsson, Dawid Urbaniak, Daniel Solis


Stock#: IBCNEX1


Users: With friends


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