Aeon’s End


Gravehold versus Nemesis; one of four Nemesis opponents is selected and the respective deck assembled. Each player chooses a Mage and receives the corresponding deck and Breach cards, as per rules requirement. Attention! A player deck is never shuffled! Jewels, relics and spells form the Market. After each player or Nemesis turn you draw a card to determine whose turn it is next. A player turn comprises the Cast Phase, the Main phase with playing cards, receiving cards and charges, focus on a Breach, open a Breach, prepare spell for Breach, resolve effects for spells in preparation and discarding cards, followed by a Draw Phase. Nemesis resolves effects of minions and power cards in its main phase and then draws a card, an attack is resolved immediately. An exhausted player is not out of the game, rules for him change. When all players are exhausted, they lose together.


Cooperative deck building game for 1-4 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards 2016

Designer: Kevin Riley

Artist: Scott Hartman, Gong Studios


Stock#: IBCAED1


Users: For experts

Special: 1 player


Version: en * Rules: en * In-game text: yes