Skeleton Island


During a walk on the beach we find scraps of the treasure map and a cold coin and are now determined to find the treasure! Sand cards show parts of a treasure map or pirate’s objects or Gold coins and are spread out for a beach, half of them face-up. In your turn you decide on a pirate’s move or on a standard move. For a standard move you choose one completely visible card from the beach, keep it or put it back and take another card that you keep. For a pirate's move you can discard three cards meeting some conditions and having been previously collected and then either steal a card from another player or do two standard moves. If you can assemble a complete card of one color, you take the island card of this color. When all island cards are taken or when all cards have been taken from the beach you win with most points from island cards and gold coins.


Includes bonus card Orca for Antartik, rules on website


Assembling and swapping game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: ilopeli 2012

Designer: Florian Fay

Art: Olivier Fagnère


Art.Nr. 30005 8


Users: For children


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr it nl * In-game text: no