The Hare & the Tortoise


Here hare, turtle, wolf, lamb and fox race each other. Each player takes a card for his starting bet, then the track is laid out. Each player receives seven race cards and places one of them next to the starting bet card. In a turn you place one to four cards of the same animal and draw cards. When a total of 8 cards is laid out or four cards of the same animal, the race phase begins and animals now move according to type and number of cards played so far. When three animals are at the finish, the bet cards are revealed and you score victory points accordingly. Series: Tales & Games.


Race game with cards for 2-5 players, ages 7+


Publisher: Iello / Purple Brain 2014

Designer: Gun-Hee (Gary) Kim

Artist: Mathieu Leyssenne


Stock#: 51159


Users: For families

Age: 7


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