King of Tokyo


Monsters on the rampage want to take over Tokyo! You lead such a monster and win if you reach or top 20 victory points or are the last one standing. You roll 6 dice up to 3x for energy lumps, live points and damage to monsters at other location. When Tokyo or Tokyo Bay are empty, your monster goes there. With Energy lumps, you buy cards for once-only or permanent effects on energy lumps, health or victory points. If you take damage in Tokyo, you can leave. Tokyo as location influences damage for other monsters, your own healing and victory points. With 0 live points, you drop out of the game. New edition with new monsters and revised rules.


Dice game for 2-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Iello 2016

Designer: Richard Garfield

Artist: Igor Polouchine, Régis Torres


Stock#:  51329


Users: For families


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