Aladdin & The Magic Lamp

Looting on Sorcerer’S order


The sorcerer has tasked you with finding the lamp with the Genie in the cave and allowed you to plunder treasure chests, but you should not be too greedy.

In three phases of a turn all play simultaneously. You secretly choose a dice value for the chest you want to plunder.  Then all reveal their choice of die and chest. Players with the same choice of die value must touch the deck of Lamp cards; the fastest player to do so calls the Genie and has three wishes from the deck; as soon as he accepts one wish and resolves it, the others are forfeit. You must accept the third wish! If you summon the Genie erroneously, you lose a card.

Then players with the lowest respective bid for one of the chest types draw the number of cards they bid for from the deck of the respective chest; identical bids cancel each other out and the next-highest bid is deemed to be the lowest. You draw the cards one by one and must give back all treasure cards as soon as the number of scorpions on cards is equal to or higher than the dice value. Cards that you win are sorted by color and type of the jewel. Complete sets cannot be stolen or swapped.

When the sorcerer card is drawn from one of the chests, the game ends at the end of the round and you win with most points. In the variant “My Precious” you win the Magic Ring with a successful bid of 6, for bonus points at the end of the game.

A familiar dilemma - how greedy can one be, what can you risk without losing everything - was fabulously and very nicely used in this game, with lots of luck from wishes and drawing treasures; mechanism and topic go well together and quick reactions are helpful.


Players: 2-5

Age: 7+

Time: 20+

Designer: Tiago Damey

Artist: Rémy Tornoir, Denis Zilber

Price: ca. 24 Euro

Publisher: Iello 2016


Genre: Fairy Tale, stop or go on

Users: For families

Version: en

Rules: en fr

In-game text: yes



Series Tales & Games

Mechanisms and topic go very well together

Lots of luck in drawing of wishes and treasures


Compares to:

Other games in the Tales & Games series


Other editions:

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Chance (pink): 3

Tactic (turquoise): 2

Strategy (blue): 0

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 1

Dexterity (green): 1

Action (dark green): 1