The Fellowship of the Ring


Book I of the trilogy in a simulation for two players - one playing the Fellowship, the other Sauron, both representing several major characters and auxiliary minor characters; partyl based on the SPI game War of the Rings; there are no army battles, only character interaction. You can create hidden Fellowship movement by using rumors; the Fellowship player has several options to declare victory, he not not necessarily reach Mount Doom.

Edition with box bottom in green/white, stock number on the box bottom



Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises 1983

Designer: Coleman Charlton, Bruce Neidlinger

Art: not named - Terry Amthor, Rick Britton, Leonard Cook, Gail McIntosh, Charles Peale

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Stock #: ICE2500


Users: For experts

Special: 2 players


Version: en * Rules: en * In-game text: yes