Welt des Automobils


The boards for tips are laid out around the board, each player receives a car and 5 stop signs in his color. You select a number of cards, the amount determines the duration of the game. A question is read out, for each question three to five answers are listed, one of them can be correct, or all of them. After the question each answer is read out and if you believe this special answer to be correct you place a stop sign on the tip board of that number. In this way each answer is dealt with separately, you can of course –since more than one answer might be correct – place stop signs on more than one board. If you are wrong only once you take back all stop signs you placed. If all your bets were correct you move forward as many steps as you placed tips.


Publisher: Huch & friends 2011

Web: www.huchandfriends.de

Stock#: 877321


Genre: Quiz game


Users: With friends


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: yes