Rollo Circus


Variant of Yatzee featuring circus images on the dice; you try to achieve results corresponding to the templates of the scoring sheet, either the most possible number of identical images or combinations of images for the second part of the sheet; you roll all five dice and can re-roll twice, you may set aside dice and re-roll set-aside dice. If you cannot achieve a useable result, you enter 0 in any row of your choice. You can also invent your own rules for images to use in combinations. When all rows are marked, you win with most points / stars.


Dice game for 2-6 players, ages 4+


Publisher: Huch! 2022

Designer: Team Huch

Art: Sabine Kondirolli, Fiore GmbH


Stock #:  882 523


Users: For children


Version: de * Rules: de en es fr * In-game text: no