logicus D-ICED


16 cases in a 4x4 grid, plus eight dice, one of them is red. 80 puzzles in four levels of difficulty give you the position in the grid and the value of the red dice as well as the number of other dice that you must arrange around the red one in such a way that each individual die borders exactly the same number of dice as specified by its value.

Series: logicus, new edition, first edition 2015, HUCH! & friends


Logic puzzle for 1 player, ages 7+


Publisher: HUCH! 2021

Designer: Marek Žitňanský

Art: Sabine Kondirolli, HUCH!

Web: www.hutter-trade.com

Stock #: 878 915


Users: For families

Special: 1 player


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr nl se * In-game text: no