Fiona Funkelstern


Fiona’s magic wand catches stars in the sky. In a dark room, the game unit, representing a moon, projects moving stars to walls and ceiling. You point the wand at a star and press the button to catch the star. In easy mode the stars appear in regular intervals; if you have caught three stars, the next level begins. If you manage ten levels, you hear a fanfare and the wand shows rainbow colors. In difficult mode, the stars appear in irregular intervals and faster altogether; you must catch four stars to master a level in levels 1-7 und six stars in levels 8-10. If you mastered ten levels, the wand projects a shooting star.


Reaction game for 1 player, ages 5+


Publisher: Fotorama / HUCH! 2019


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Users: For children

Special: 1 player

Special: Many players


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