East India Companies


Four shipping companies rival for the trade with tea, spices, coffee and silk from the Far East to Europe. Prices vary with supply and demand, ship size and load capacities are deciding factors as are port upgrade, setting up of trade posts and acquisition of company shares. Five rounds = periods comprise six phases each placement of agents, share acquisition or passing, navigation, loading with determination of commodity prices, buying and loading, Selling and End of Period with adjustment of company share values for earnings and growth, payments of dividends and determining of new initiative order. After five rounds, you score values of Presidency shares, total value of all shares and remaining money.

First published by Atalia Jeux


Trading and economy game for 2-4 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Huch! 2022

Designer: Pascal Ribrault

Art: Guillaume Tavernier, Benjamin Treilhou, Sabine Kondirolli

Web: www.hutter-trade.com

Stock #: 882622


Users: For experts


Version: multi * Rules: de en + fr * In-game text: yes