Die Kleine Hexe Das turbulente Flug- und Suchspiel


Little Witch wants to dance at Blockberg and believes that she needs Good Deeds for this. Players help finding then - they look at the tiles, distribute them face-down around the room and name the deed when placing the tile. Then a Good Deed card is turned up and the active player flies Little Witch to the corresponding tile, the others can help with “warm” or “cold”. If he picks up the correct tile with Little Witch, he flys it back to the Witch Cottage and puts it down there. A wrong tile is put back face-down. When all good deeds are at the Cottage before the timer runs out, all win together.


Cooperative search game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: HUCH! 2018

Designer: Kai Haferkamp

Art: Otfried Preußler, Fiore GmbH, Sabine Kondirolli, HUCH!

Web: www.hutter-trade.com

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Users: For children

Age: 5


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