Ausgerechnet Uppsala


Do you find Uppsala west or east of Stockholm? And where is Podgorica? Rather north or south after all? In a turn one draws the top card and decides to place the card south-north or east-west, inserting between already placed cards is possible. Then players can doubt and turn over the newly placed and one adjacent card, the new card is checked against this adjacent card. When the numbers get bigger in direction of the arrow, the card is placed correctly, the placer gets a chip from the doubter, or else the doubter receives a chip from the placer. In scoring all guess how many cards are wrong, the cards are checked from the starting card on. Who guessed correctly receives 2 chips, at the end the player with the most chips wins.


Geography and quiz game * 2-6 players from age 10 * Designers: Bernhard Lach and Uwe Rapp * Graphics: Volker Maas * 875525, Huch & Friends, Germany, 2006 *** Huch & Friends *