Ausgerechnet Honolulu


After regional editions we now get an international one! Wladiwostok? East of Abu Dhabi? Honolulu south of San Francisco? And who knows Ouagadougou? And maybe knows where it is? You draw a card and decide where to place it, north-south or east west of the starting card, and between cards if necessary. Then the others can doubt, the current card is then checked against the adjacent card. Who is correct gets a chip form the other one. For intermediate scorings players bet how many cards are placed wrongly. If you guess correctly you get 2 chips. At the end the player with the most chips wins.


Geography placement game * 2-6 players from age 10 * Designers: Bernhard Lach and Uwe Rapp * Art: Volker Maas * 87718 5, Huch & Friends, Germany, 2011 *** Huch & Friends *