Talisman Der Vorbote


Omens in the sky, demons and plagues in the lands, the Harbinger announces the imminent end of the world. If you encounter him, he may be able to help you stave off the end. The expansion comes with four decks of Omen cards, featuring different outcomes. If the harbinger is in your region, you draw from his deck instead of the adventure deck; in case of an event, the harbinger moves to your case. But if you move to the harbinger’s case, a roll of a die determines the event - a second turn, or looking at cards or resolve opponents or events; maybe you might have to discard an omen and activate the next one; with the 7th omen, the world ends.


Expansion for Talisman for 2-6 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Heidelberger Spieleverlag 2016

Designer: Samuel W. Bailey, Bob Harris, John Goodenough

Art: Evan Simonet, Ralph Horsley, Team

Web: www.heidelbaer.de

Stock #: S14331


Users: With friends


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