Alter                    8

Spezial                 vi



Only French Fries go with Poutine


The personnel in Miss Poutine runs a permantent contest for the fasted completion of customer orders. Two of the players embody waitresses and face each other across the table, they hold half of the order cards each. The 44 dishes are distributed evenly among the cooks, who are embodied by the rest of the players.

All play simultaneously. The waitresses display order cards and shout for ingredients or dishes. Each cook has 3 of those on display. A dish = ingredient that is wanted he offers to a waitress, who can take it if she wants but need not. If the waitress accepts the dish, the cook puts out another dish. If a waitress has completed an order, she sets aside the order with all the corresponding dishes. Poutine dishes always need French fries. A cook can turn over a dish he thinks will not be needed and thus change it to a portion of fries; he may have one additional portion of Fries on display. If any player, be it cook or waitress, is out of cards the round ends and the cook who holds most cards receives a “Mopp” chip. If there is a tie in remaining cards, all players in the tie get a chip and also any waitress still having unmet orders. Completed orders are controlled, in case of an error the waitress receives a a chip too. If you must accept the third chip, you lose the game.

Funny, hectic and hilarious! In the role of a waitress you must watch which card to accept from which cook to avoid helping him to finish the round quickly! Fries, quick, fries! I need burgers, too. Quick! Who has Gyros? I need Gyros! No, you are a cook, I want the fries, not you!



Spieler         : 4-8

Alter            : ages 8 and up

Dauer           : ca. 10 min


Autor           : Olivier Lamontagne, Christian Lemay

Grafik          : Jochen Eeuwyk

Titel deutsch: Poutine Cuisine

Preis            : ca. 9,00 Euro

Verlag          : Heidelberger Spieleverlag 2010



Genre                    : Kartenablege- und Reaktionsspiel

Zielgruppe             : Für Familien

Mechanismen         : Karten schnellstmöglich ablegen



Hektisch, witzig, schnell!

Thema gut umgesetzt

Nichts für Lärmunempfindliche



Kakerlakensuppe, Zoff am Herd, Zu viele Köche etc.









Interaktion                   3


Action                  3